A Devout EC Mom Tells Mommyish What The Press Is Getting Wrong

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 What have other outlets failed to capture about EC?

They all make it sound like EC is simply taking off the diapers and letting your child pee and poop wherever they like.  This is simply not true and crazy–who wants to be covered in pee and poop?  EC is the idea that babies can communicate about their needs to eliminate from birth.  Not only can they communicate but they can wait some amount of time to actually eliminate.  So EC’d babies are not just leaking all over the place.  They are holding their pee and poop until they get to the potty and putting it there rather than using a diaper as a portable latrine.  Because of this, EC parents generally have a clear idea about when their babies are going to go and can plan accordingly to make sure they are near a bathroom when they need it, exactly like parents of potty trained 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds.  Because babies do pee much more frequently than older children, most babies wear diapers in case a bathroom is not available or a cue is missed by the parent.

 Is it accurate to say that EC is a “new parenting trend”?

EC is also not a recent trend and it is not just Brooklyn moms.  Moms across the country and planet do this.  Many of our grandmothers did it.  I have friends whose parents did it.  I have heard of it firsthand in recent history in the US, Russia, England, Poland, China, India.  It used to just be called toilet training.  The average age of training was at one point before the introduction of disposable diapers 12 months.  Now we potty train at three so this seems like a really foreign concept.  But having your child put their pee and poop in a toilet where it belongs is not only more hygienic but ultimately way less work for the parents.

Contrary to public perception, EC parents do use diapers, correct?

Most EC parents I know have their kids wearing diapers most if not all of the time.  The only difference is they aren’t USING them as portable toilets. They are using the actual toilet instead.  Most EC parents give their kids some diaperless time, mostly at home.   No one wants to go to a restaurant or a store and have their kid accidently pee.

When I’m transitioning my children out of diapers I always have a spare diaper on me to put on them if I’m worried about an accident.  Just like any potty training parent I would never have my kid sit in a restaurant or any public place until I was completely sure that they could do so without having an accident.  Who wants to deal with that?   Diapers are super useful and convenient and I use them.  But I just work to help my babies put their waste in the toilet where it should go instead of in their pants.

What products do you deem essential for successful EC?

A baby and an interested parent.  You really don’t NEED anything, which it is why this is how children have been cared for for thousands of years.  There are some nice things to have of course.  Like a little potty they can sit on.  I like a potty insert so I don’t have anything to clean afterwards.  But we have a few potties so they can be more independent and take themselves.  Some absorbent things to use as diapers or for a little baby to lay on so you can watch for cues.

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