Adorably Quirky 7-Year-Old On ‘Ellen’ Will Blow You Away

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Elias Phoenix


Just when I didn’t think I could like Ellen Degeneres or child prodigies more,the cutest thing happened yesterday, on the Ellen show. The talk show host and infamous goofy dance queen had an adorable 7-year-old pianist named Elias Phoenix on the show and hilarity most definitely ensued.

Anyone with a precocious kid will appreciate the sweet two minute exchange between Ellen and Elias. Not only is Elias adorably open and chatty, doing a few dance moves of his own and at one point presumably looking at his mom and pointing, shouting “Look, it’s me and ELLEN!” SWOON. But then the best part happens: Elias sits down and just blows you away with his talent. I’d be impressed if it was coming from a fully grown adult, but this is a 7-year-old boy

Ellen was also predictably impressed (and seemed to be genuinely impressed, though I know she’s paid to do this stuff) and even tweeted after the performance:

Elias Phoenix


I can definitely see huge things in store for little Elias. I wish I had half the talent that kid has in his little pinkie. I can barely play Chopsticks without the piano exploding and everyone in the room going deaf. Check out the video below and grab a sponge or two, to wipe your mind off the wall, because it’s gonna be blown.