The Actress Who Played Meredith Blake In The Parent Trap Trolls Dennis Quaid’s Engagement

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Parent Trap Meredith Feat

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The Parent Trap was one of the movies that made our childhood and also made Lindsay Lohan a household name across the world. That British accent that Annie had? Oscar-worthy. Aside from Lindsay, another American actress who stole the show in the 1998 movie was Elaine Hendrix. Elaine played the movie’s villain, Meredith Blake, an upper-class, gold-digging, younger woman who was engaged to Annie and Hallie’s dad Nick, played by Dennis Quaid. While the actress has kept a pretty low profile since starring in the movie, yesterday she broke the internet when she posted her reaction to Dennis’s recent engagement news.

On Monday, Dennis revealed he was engaged to 26-year-old student Laura Savoie. Elaine, who played Dennis’s on-screen fianceé back in 1998, reacted to the news on Twitter and believe us, it’s comedy gold. Elaine shared a news post announcing Dennis and Laura’s engagement, alongside a caption: “Watch out for those twins.”

Obviously, Elaine is making a pop culture reference to the twins in The Parent Trap, both played by Lindsay Lohan. But what’s funnier is that Dennis actually has a set of twins from his former marriage to Kimberly Quaid.

This isn’t the first time Elaine has paid tribute to her former character. Back in 2018, the actress responded to a tweet about Meredith and quoted her Parent Trap line: “I will ship every one of you brats off to Switzerland.”

As well as her tweets, Elaine’s Twitter icon is also a photo of the infamous character. We love her dedication to ’90s nostalgia.

Dennis has yet to respond to Elaine’s hilarious tweet, but the rest of the internet seemed to get a good laugh out of it. Well played Elaine, well played.