Sex Positive Mommy EL James Would Totally Let Her Kiddies Read ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’

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EL JamesEveryone’s favorite self-published erotica novelist, E.L. James, found it into her heart to visit Katie Couric today. The self-professed hater of interviews skirted all that chatter about the Fifty Shades of Grey movie and even responded to allegations that her work is — well — kind of far from work. But, above all, she clued Katie audiences in on probably the only two people left in the world who haven’t picked up her infectious trilogy: her two sons. And she doesn’t have a problem with that changing! No pretenses about this mother.

The erotic authoress said that her two boys, aged 15 and 17 respectively, have not delved into their mother’s lucrative trilogy. She described her boys as”slightly embarrassed” by mommy’s empire, but also “delighted” and “proud.”

Despite the X-rated content, seemingly sex positive James says that “of course” she would let her boys turn those dirty pages. Yet, at 15 or 17, there’s hardly much “letting” happening at that age. With an admitted embarrassment at the thought of them pulling down a volume, the mother clearly isn’t spinning that anxiety into any restrictions on her kids. Her “mommy porn” might not be every mother’s bag, but not being skittish about sex is an admirable parenting practice. And being an openly recognized and adored erotica writer with two children is about as not skittish as you can get. But on top of that, James apparently isn’t running around the globe trying to cover her babies’ eyes either.

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