Edward Norton Is So Jazzed About Daddyhood That He’s Already ‘Helping’ Pick Out Strollers

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edward norton babyAn Edward Norton baby will soon be upon us! And he and his fiancé Shauna Robertson had the decency to not tell any of us until now. Because, oh hey, baby is due like any second. Thanks for keeping us updated, kids!

Us Weekly reports that Edward and Shauna’s baby is set to arrive “any day now.” Like this week. Or next week. Or whenever they feel like getting around to informing the publicist. No rush or anything.

Edward and his lady friend have been together for six years and engaged for two. And baby at the wedding makes three, folks.

Edward Norton is reportedly pumped about this daddy business:

“Ed is really excited for fatherhood. He helped pick out a stroller for the baby!” the insider tells Us of the famously private star.

No knock on Edward, but he “helped” select a stroller? That’s the obligatory jazzed soon-to-be daddy quote Us Weekly snagged for us? Let’s hope he’s at least helping to pick out strollers or maybe offering up his assistant to go grab some.

If a celeb woman who was nine months pregnant had just gotten around to picking out strollers, the tabloids would be all about “she’s so kooky with that baby brain! She hasn’t even gotten around to strollers!”

But when a celeb man does it? Well, he’s “really excited for fatherhood.”

(photo: Miro Vrlik Photography / Shutterstock)