Troubled Actor Edward Furlong Allegedly Exposed His 6-Year-Old To Cocaine, Officially Hits Rock Bottom

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Edward FurlongMonths ago, actor Edward Furlong was seen wandering the streets of Skid Row in LA, prompting plenty of internet discussion about drug addiction. And unfortunately, it looks like circumstances for the once up-and-coming actor have not improved. In recent legal reports, Furlong’s ex-wife claims that the actor exposed their 6-year-old son to cocaine and should no longer be allowed unsupervised visitation.

Back in November, Furlong’s ex claimed that her son had tested positive for cocaine after spending time with his father. At that point, a judge severely reduced Furlong’s custody rights in a decision that seems pretty understandable given the extreme danger of the situation.

Last week, however, the actor argued that his ex-wife was lying and simply trying to separate the dad from his child. TMZ reports that Edward Furlong claimed his wife will do or say whatever it takes to “alienate me further from my son and destroy my ability to work.”

The judge did not buy Furlong’s arguments. He refused to change the custody agreement in place and even took a moment to comment on the actor’s disheveled physical appearance.

If the allegations from Furlong’s ex-wife are true, it’s a sad and devastating rock bottom for the troubled actor. After an early career studded with success in movies like Terminator 2 and American History X, Furlong spent four years on CSI: New York. His upcoming work seems to be in jeopardy however, after all of his recent struggles. His part was recast from one 2013 movie after being arrested for domestic violence at an airport.

No one can guess how this actor will respond to the latest setback, but we can only hope for the sake of his son that Furlong takes this ruling as inspiration to get back on his feet. It’s hard to imagine the state a parent would have to be in to expose a young child to dangerous drugs. If the story is true, let’s hope that it serves as a wake-up call for Furlong.

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