Mommyish Debate: Is Amy Sohn’s ‘Regressive’ Picture Of Motherhood Courageous Or Contemptible?

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Motherland Amy SohnAmy Sohn, the woman who painted a nasty picture of Park Slope ladies with her last book Prospect Park West, is at it again. This time around, she’s described a controversial version of motherhood at The Awl – in part to promote her next novel called Motherland.

The piece was meant to stir debate and described a new type of mommy. Sohn and her friends are older moms who are over the labor-intensive younger years and have reverted back to their own adolescent immaturity. She describes nights out partying, rampant drug use and plenty of less-than-maternal behavior.

Her piece caused plenty of debate here at the Mommyish office. Editor-in-chief Shawna Cohen immediately said she admired Sohn’s honesty. At the same time, Lindsay Cross declared she’s not a fan. So we decided to sit down and debate this newest example of Mommy Wars in the media. Should we all be thanking Sohn for her blunt account of what some moms are feeling and experiencing? Or should she be chastised for glamorizing dangerous addiction and reckless behavior?

Read through our debate and let us know your thoughts in the comments.