Here Comes Peter Cottontail With Some Ten Dollar Organic Edible Easter Grass

edible easter grass I like to think that I’m one of those cool moms who find totally adorable and interesting items when I am helping the Easter Bunny carefully art-direct my children’s easter baskets to discover on the holiday. I care about things like the planet and the environment and I do my best to reduce my carbon footprint by buying those totally lame ass water bottles that are super thin and make a horrific crunchy noise when my dog steals them off my coffee table to play with. I’m a good citizen of this planet and I do my part to recycle and reduce and reuse and all that other shit. But I will tell you one thing I won’t be doing this holiday, and that is ordering some TEN DOLLAR organic edible Easter grass from Dean And Deluca. From the product description:

Tim’s Real Easter Basket Grass is a must-have this Easter holiday. 100% Chemical Free, this Easter basket essential will allow for a worry-free Easter morning knowing that those jelly beans the bunny left unwrapped in the basket are safe for your children, or you!, to eat.

Seriously? I’m sorry, but if your kid eats the stupid Easter grass that comes in the basket you may have bigger concerns than whether or not the 99 cent crap you get at your local Walgreens is ruining the environment. I freaking HATE Easter grass- the pink or blue or yellow plastic cellophane crap you usually find in most baskets. It gets all over the place, it gets tangled un the beater brush of your vacuum, and if you are a cat owner like I am you know your cat LOVES this shit and if they eat some of it they will also puke this shit up and you are left with brightly colored strands of neon cellophane all over your house.


But there is an alternative between buying the drugstore planet-ruining garbage and the edible organic forage grasses grown in Vermont version – be like me and don’t buy either.

Your kids won’t care. No kid is ever going to pitch a fit because their basket doesn’t have GRASS in it. And ten bucks will buy you a whole lot of Cadbury cream eggs. You are welcome.

(Image: dean and deluca)


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