Eden Wood Satirizes Children’s Pageant Culture With Faux Fashion Ad

Eden Wood, the six-year-old pageant veteran, first gained press as one of the many unfortunate little girls on Toddlers & Tiaras. Eden has apparently given all that up now but dusted off her crown for a shoot with renowned fashion photographer Steven Meisel. Eden starred in one of many faux advertisements in W magazine meant to poke fun at a variety of vanities.

In Eden’s ad, she poses for the fake children’s label “Pizzazz.”

The crown may have been her own, but the little girl donned a dress a custom-made dress for the shoot designed by Marchesa. She was described by those who participated on the shoot as very professional, which doesn’t shock me considering how long this little girl has been made to perform in front of an audience.

It’s difficult to know whether Eden is in on this smart mockery of pageant culture. For all she knows, this could be another opportunity to get slathered with makeup and smile for strangers. Still, I’m please to see the little girl’s “career” being framed in a satirical context that mocks both child pageantry and the cultural willingness to commodify children.

(photo: dailymail.co.uk)

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