The Lazy Mom’s Guide To Sexing Up Valentine’s Day

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6. Nipple tassels

Searching for a way to spice it up but hate everything about shopping at Victoria’s Secret? Try nipple tassels for a look that seems scandalous but is actually a sneaky way to get out of having to wear a bra.

7. Do it in the shower

It’s slippery, it’s steamy and killing two birds with one stone like this will get you in bed and streaming The Fall that much faster.

8. Skip the shower

Bedhead is sexy right? Better skip the hairbrush too, after all, you want to look your best.

9. Have tapas

I’m not talking about cooking an entire meal after the four you’ve already prepared for the night (the one for you and your partner, the one for the kids, the sandwich you made when one child didn’t want their dinner and the cereal you dispersed as a last resort because you had no fight left in you and at least it’s fortified) but those left over nuggets and mac and cheese will make excellent nibbles. Pour some grown up drinks, put on any song that isn’t Old McDonald and grab a spoon.

10. Eat dinner in bed

I’m not talking about ice cream sundaes or something messy. But a pizza? Lounging while I eat and not having to do dishes goes firmly in the “Turn Ons” column.

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