8 Easy Halloween Classroom Treat Hacks For Busy Parents

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5. Graveyard Pudding Cups 



These kept coming up on my “easy Halloween treats” search, and I kept ignoring them because I just assumed whoever posted it was a big, fat liar. But after seeing it for the 15th time, I decided to do my research. It turns out these do seem pretty easy to make. Pudding cups, crushed Oreos, ghost peeps, and pumpkin candy. Voila!

6. Spooky Snacks



You have zero time. You are so busy you pretty much forgot it’s Halloween and/or you realize putting any more than minimal effort into stuff like this is a giant waste of time because you will be outdone. For sure. By pretty much every other parent in the school. You don’t care about that — you are my personal hero. Can we go get a drink sometime? Here is your snack: Pudding, Jello, or fruit cups and a marker. Maybe you can even outsource the drawing to your kid.

7. Oreo Eyeballs



Another no-bake hack. All you need is Oreos, green, blue and red gel icing and M&M’s.

8. Witches’ Broomsticks



(photo: kristycolquhoun.blogspot)

These would be really cute to mix in with the witches’ hats. There can be multiple treats happening! You are a domestic goddess!


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