Gift This: Last Minute DIY Gifts

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Thanks to a late Thanksgiving, this year’s Christmas shopping season is especially short so you may still have a bunch of people to shop for. You could turn to the internet to complete your gift list, but unless you are willing to pay a premium for guaranteed delivery, your packages may arrive after Santa does. Why not channel your inner Martha and make something yourself? Here’s some DIY gifts that are fun and easy to make, but fancy enough that no one will know you waited until the last minute.

1. Candy Cane Striped Bath Salts

bath salts

These look so fancy, but Kayla Aimee at keeps it super easy with just four simple ingredients and a container- there’s no messy food coloring to deal with. Plus, all that Sand Art you did as a kid will pay off to make those pretty candy cane-ish layers.

2. Painted Mug


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A mug personalized with your bestie’s first initial or an inside joke is a great, thoughtful gift. Personally, I would adore a “Z” one, because the Target gods don’t make things for the last letter of the alphabet. And unlike other tutorials with plain old sharpie markers, Stacey at has a method that wont’t wash away.

3. Jack Daniel’s Bottle Soap Dispenser


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We all use hand soap, so why not make it fancy? This would be a great gift for a dad or brother, and you could do any type of bottle to personalize it. Finally, a eco-friendly way to re-purpose those empty wine bottles in the garage, and the perfect excuse to finish up that bottle of gin.


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