Busy Mom’s Cooking Hacks: 5 Decadent Crock Pot Desserts For Dummies Will Blow Your Mind

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Not THIS BITCH again.

Not THIS BITCH again.

I really love slinging together easy slow cooker meals, as you can tell, but I have such a problem with desserts. Yes, I will eat them. Yes, I love sugar in my belly. But I hate the patience and painstaking care required to craft a beautifully frosted cake for a family brunch.

NOPE. I would much rather buy a box of premade brownies from the grocery store bakery, set out a carton of ice cream, and call it a day. Maybe I have internal psychological issues, but I just feel so oppressed when I spend hours baking a dessert, only to have it wolfed down within five minutes. HOW DARE YOU.

Fortunately, in this modern age of technology, I have found a solution. I have always associated crock pot with family dinner. But apparently, my crock pot is even better than I have been led to believe. My crock pot has the power to slowly bake delicious desserts for hours with very little effort involved on my part. I have found a way to game the elaborate world of baking and cut down on wasted time with super delicious slow cooker dessert creations.

Stop fucking around with your oven and make these stupid easy desserts at your next family event:

1. Crock Pot Peanut Butter Cup Cake: So kid-friendly, it’s not even funny.

2. Molten Chocolate Lava Crockpot Cake: You had me at molten… and lava… and cake.

3. Crock Pot Blackberry Cobbler: If you live anywhere near the south, your friends will kiss you on the mouth after eating this dessert.

4. Crockpot Perfect Praline Cheesecake: Proof that there is a God.

5. The Best Crock Pot Cobbler: I don’t completely understand what is going on here, but it is white trash, and I like it.

**As always, please add your own slow cooker dessert recipes in the comments below!

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