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British TV Star Daniella Westbrook Snorted Cocaine While Giving Birth So Whip That Out When You Feel Guilty Over Your Epidural

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tv quick 2 070909Danielle Westbrook, who used to be on BBC’s EastEnders, recently appeared on a British talk show to admit all sorts of bad mothering behavior whilst she was in the throes of a serious drug addiction. I don’t like to be all mom-judgey on other moms, except I sort of do, and in this case it sounds like we can all gather ’round a cuppa and wrinkle our pretty little foreheads over what a raging skankbot Danielle was when she was snorting the gutter glitter. From The Huffington Post UK:

She said: “I took drugs throughout my pregnancy and in the bathroom suite right up until the moment I delivered him.

“Whilst in labour, I asked them to leave the room [so I could take drugs]. I was in a terrible state, no one could save me at the time.”

When asked what she did following the birth while her son Kai was being cleaned and checked by doctors, she replied: “I went back into the toilet. I was a complete drug addict of the highest order.”

Westbrook, who used to date Brian Harvey from East 17, also confessed to having snorted lines of the drug off Disney video boxes and coming around after a cocaine convulsion to find her three-year-old son trying to feed her a Mars Bar to revive her.

Oh my gosh, I wonder if it was a video box of the movie Snow White? The 39-year-old has been clean for 12 years and she credits her husband Steven Jenkins for having money she could steal from him to buy drugs getting her clean. She also talked about her post-baby post-drug addict looks:

Revealing she had spent a total of £250,000 on drugs and £20,000 on a nose reconstruction after her septum collapsed, she said: “I couldn’t have gone through all those years of drug addiction and come out of it unscathed. It’s aged me and it’s done things to my face, but I’m lucky to be alive.”

I know drug addiction is a very serious issue. I know it is very sad when a woman, especially a pregnant woman, and then a woman who has a small child, is a drug addict. I can totally sympathize with Westbrook but I can’t, because the only thing I ever became truly addicted to was Warheads candy, and it got so bad at one point I remember eating them even though the roof of my mouth was bleeding, and I may have given my 16-year-old son the evil eye when he ate the last sour apple one. Those were dark days for me.

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