Humorless School Officials Ban ‘Cricket Pranksters’ From Graduation

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cricketThe senior prank has become a right of passage for many teenagers in the U.S. When I was a senior in high school a few of my friends and I pulled a hilarious prank that involved blowing up some photos of popular teachers into life-size cardboard cutouts. The teachers thought it was silly and harmless and laughter was had all around.

No so for seven teenagers at East Carter High School, located in Grayson Kentucky. Last Thursday they decided to release 10,000 crickets onto school property, which landed them in hot water with school administrators. According to a local news station, the  kids would not be able to graduate with their class unless they paid a steep $600 penalty to pay for exterminators.

Now, I can understand asking the teens to pay for the damage caused by their little prank. Ten thousand crickets must cause a huge mess for school officials and hiring an exterminator for a large school is probably costly. That being said, this is graduation season and $600 is a lot of money for a kid. Maybe their parents will have to cough it up, but still.

For one thing, none of these kids have had any other disciplinary issues whatsoever. They are just good kids who made a dumb decision. Walking with your graduating class is one of the most memorable experienced of your life and I don’t think these teens should be deprived of that because they did something regretful and can’t pony up the penalty money in time. At least give them an extension so they can graduate with their friends.

Maybe the school could put them to work in the cafeteria or doing janitorial work a few days a week to work off the cash. Why ruin one of the best days of their youth over a few spilled crickets? I hope the school lightens up and gives these kids a break.

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