19 Dysfunctional TV Families We Secretly Wish We Were A Part Of

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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Family


TV families always look so perfect at first glance, from their stylish (sometimes color-coordinated) clothing to their warm and cozy smiles. But being put-together as they might appear, we all know that these guys are far from the quintessential American family. They’re quirky, flawed, and sometimes outlandish. And of course, they’re not immune to things like intense sibling rivalries, awkward domestic disputes, or cringe-worthy parent-child talks about puberty. They’re pretty much a reflection of our own screwed up families, and that makes them all the more relatable.

We’ll admit that these families are not always portrayed realistically (kids getting to sneak out unnoticed all the time? Parents making up perfectly after every big fight? As if…). However, they constantly remind us that even the messiest, most dysfunctional families can overcome each other’s differences – as well as life’s biggest hurdles – to remain a tight family unit. And besides,, who wants to see the perfect family anyway? They’re so predictable, and they’re actually way overrated.

See which fictional TV families we seriously wish we were a part of:

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