TGI Friday Open Thread: Who’s Skipping The Egg Dye And Just Going For The Plastic Crap?

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Happy holiday weekend! It’s my son’s first Easter that he’s actually aware of what the heck is going on. I’m feeling a little guilty for not doing the rite-of-passage Easter bunny horror-show photo, but I think I’ll get over it.

So I need the down-low on the Easter Egg Hunt; do you do your own, or go to a community one? Do I really have to dye eggs for this, or can I buy those craptastic plastic ones from the dollar store? Can a three-year-old eat jellybeans without choking? Come to think of it, can a three-year-old eat any of this mini-egg stuff without giving me a panic attack?

I bought my toddler his first Easter basket this year. My infant gets nothing. The basket will contain one of those big, hollow chocolate bunnies, some plastic eggs filled with M&M’s and some peeps. Do I suck as a mom or is this sufficient? Sorry about all the questions – feel free to totally ignore them and tell us all what you’re making for dinner instead.

Happy Easter!