Toddlers Need Espadrilles And Belted Rompers To Help With That Figure

DVF GapKids is apparently selling like crazy since its debut last week. Hours after Diane Von Fursternberg‘s collection arrived in stores and on websites, the garments apparently sold out in some locations — and the looks aren’t even available internationally until March 28th. Yet, while parents continue to fall all over themselves procuring $70 wrap dresses for their 2-year-old, I wonder what toddlers are to gain from wearing belted rompers and espadrilles. Are 3-year-olds that concerned with making their waists appear longer? Do their legs really need slimming?

DVF Gap KidsThe $50 romper is available starting at two years of age all the way to five years in yet another effort to stylize children in adult fashions akin to GAP’s infamous parka. The tie around the waist not only adds some adult proportions but also provides that definition to the mid-section that is so sought after by the four and under set.

DVF Gap KidsParents can also pair that posh romper with these $40 wedges so that tots can really work on appearing longer, leaner, taller, and thereby sexier by as early as pre-K. Strutting into the classroom or playgroup, those little girls are being groomed to essentially be mini versions of this:

The recent means by which designers are eager to style children as grownups may induce eye-rolls as DVF demands nearly $100 to dress your child for a spring day. But assigning adult proportions under the pretenses of being “fashion forward” just gives toddler girls another reason to make “sexy” a priority.

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