Guilty Pleasures

18 Duggar Family Rules That Are Strict AF

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Boys can’t babysit girls.

We’re guessing Josh is to blame for this weird rule, too. God forbid you just teach your sons to respect women and keep their goddamn hands to themselves, right? Older Duggar brothers aren’t allowed to babysit the younger Duggar sisters. Christ on a tricycle. Just … teach your sons that their sisters (and ALL WOMEN) are to be respected, valued, and not molested? Seems far easier than trying to limit how much time sisters and brothers spend together. We joke about it, but it’s literally teaching to fox to just find another way into the hen house, rather than punishing the fox for trying to get in.

Does anyone else find these rules ridiculous? And notice how disproportionately they affect the women over the men? The men don’t seem to have any rules (seriously, “Don’t molest your sisters” isn’t one of them), but man. The Duggar family rules seem to really crack down on the women.

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