Take A Peek Inside The Home Of The Duggar Family

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Laundry Room

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Image: Pinterest / Jennifer Sager

Washing, drying and folding clothes is probably one of our least favorite chores out there. But, it has to be done if we want clean clothes! Can you imagine just how much laundry that the Duggar family does a week? With a family that size, it must be a lot, and it totally is! The family does approximately forty loads of laundry per week. But fear not, they are not overworking one washer and dryer to do all that work. They have what Michelle lovingly calls her “laundromat,” which houses 4 washers and 4 dryers. So, if we do the math, forty loads times fifty-two weeks in a year equals 2,080 loads each year. Can you imagine? Dirty laundry is thrown down a laundry shute, where another Duggar child is there to catch it and sort it. Then it gets washed!

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