Take A Peek Inside The Home Of The Duggar Family

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Boy’s Bedroom

boys room, bedroom

Image: Pinterest / Annie R.

When it came to bedrooms while they were building their “dream home,” you would have thought that the kids would ask for more bedrooms! But, they actually didn’t! In the 7,000 square foot home, there are only three bedrooms! Jim-Bob and Michelle’s being the master bedroom, and one for the boys, and one for the girls. Surprisingly enough, the kids wanted it that way! They wanted to stay close to their siblings! As you can see, the boys room has a slew of bunk-beds for all the boys! Not only that, but it also has a trap-door that leads straight to the playroom! Now that some of the boys have married and moved out, we’re sure that there is even more room for the remaining Duggar boys!

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