The Perfect Gifts For Anyone Who Loves The Duchess Of Sussex

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Only true Duchess of Sussex fans will appreciate this next piece of history.

True Meghan Markle stans will appreciate the historical relevance of this particular gift. Before she became a Duchess, Meghan was a popular actress and starred in the hit show Suits. This replica script from Etsy shop Autographs101 features reprints of original autographs from the cast, including Gina Torres, Meghan’s IRL bestie Abigal Spencer, and of course, the Duchess of Sussex herself. It’s the entire pilot script, so you and your fellow Meghan fans can recreate the scenes in which Meghan stole our hearts on the small screen. That might sound weird to the casual fan. But what else are you supposed to do at your Meghan Markle-themed get-togethers?

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