The Perfect Gifts For Anyone Who Loves The Duchess Of Sussex

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Maybe your friend wants to look like Meghan, but has more a casual vibe. So no more.

Meghan Markle can go from dressed-to-the-nines to casual chic without any effort whatsoever. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a ballgown or a simple denim dress like the one above, everything she wears is flawless! For Meghan fans, it’s important to have a few versatile pieces in your closet, just like the Duchess of Sussex. The same Etsy shop who makes that gorgeous pencil dress also does this adorable denim number with the swing skirt. HeartMyCloset can custom-make this belted dress for any and all sizes for just $110, and she’s got over 3500 5-star reviews, so you know the end result is going to be great.

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