The Perfect Gifts For Anyone Who Loves The Duchess Of Sussex

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If you’re going to dress like the Duchess of Sussex, you have to accessorize like the Duchess of Sussex.

Who doesn’t need a good pair of goes-with-everything gold earrings? Even better if they’re knock-offs of the same gold earrings worn by Meghan Markle. You know that if you buy these for your friend who stans Meghan, she will be able to tell you exactly when and where Meghan wore them. So needless to say, she’ll appreciate the hell out of them. Aside from the Duchess of Sussex connection, these earrings from Etsy shop DBakerJewelry are just gorgeous. They’re a brushed matte gold, in a textured diamond shape, and they can be yours for just $36.99. Pretty and affordable? That’s our love language.

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