The Perfect Gifts For Anyone Who Loves The Duchess Of Sussex

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By this time, you might be realizing that you pretty much need to have a Duchess of Sussex party to showcase all your merch. Decorate with this.

Etsy shop DollyLovesDallas does more than tote bags. They also make this ridiculously adorable bunting featuring Meghan and Harry’s heads. It’s too late to use this as decoration for a royal wedding viewing party. But there are some other big occasions coming up! The royal baby will be here so soon. Plus, there’s Meghan and Harry’s first anniversary coming up. Would it be weird to have an anniversary party for a couple we’ve never met? Yeah, we didn’t think so either! You cam also just hang this over your Duchess of Sussex shrine. It’ll look good there.

Do you have any Duchess of Susses stans you need a gift for? Or are YOU the big Meghan Markle fan in your life? Either way, there are some great options here. Cheerio!

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