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Duchess Kate Is Due In April And Back To Work, So Get Ready For The Concern Trolling

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Poor Duchess Kate. She simply cannot catch a break in the media. It would seem that no matter what she does, someone takes issue with it and loudly proclaims they are “worried for her.” The Palace has announced that the royal couple is due with their second baby in April. She is due to finally step back into her work this week after over a month spent at home suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a severe version of morning sickness that she also weathered during her first pregnancy.

Naturally, the news today is full of articles noting her undoubtedly “fragile condition” and once she becomes publicly visible again, the concern trolling will begin in full force with “sources” and media outlets speculating on every single thing this poor woman does until this baby is born. Here are some examples of the kind of concern trolling we can expect for the next six months while we await the birth of Royal Baby: Part Deux.

1. She’s Working Too Much



If she attends too many events, people will definitely cluck about how she should be resting more.

2. She’s Being Lazy By Skipping Events



If she cancels out of something now that the worst of her HG is past her, someone, somewhere, will say she’s being lazy.

3. She’s Too Thin For A Pregnant Woman



If she is not putting on weight, there will be attacks on this naturally slim woman about how she is not gaining enough weight for a pregnant woman.

4. She’s Looking A Little Full In The Face



But if she DOES put on weight, be prepared for the veiled comments about how “full” she looks.

5. Her Maternity Wear Is Too Short



If the public can see too much of her figure, there will be complaint AND her fetus will clearly suffer from her tarty manner of dress.

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