16 Photos That Make Us Want To Raid Kate’s And Meghan’s Shoe Closets

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Duchess Meghan takes the simple and makes it spectacular.

Out of all the shoes we’ve been drooling over on this list (and clothes and jewels, let’s be honest), Meghan in jeans and flats and baseball cap on her head is quite possibly the most perfect look we’ve seen yet. Because this is our look! This is how we look like 90% of the time. Well, this is how we look in theory. In reality, we don’t look nearly as beautiful and put together as Meghan. Maybe it would help if we snagged us some Chanel ballet flats? It certainly couldn’t hurt, right? They’re Chanel, for crying out loud. No one would care what the rest of our ensemble looked like once they caught a glimpse of our perfect ballet flats.

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