16 Photos That Make Us Want To Raid Kate’s And Meghan’s Shoe Closets

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Kate knows that all the sparkle you need can come from a stunning pair of shoes. And like $500,000 worth of royal jewels.

Ugh, we love them. And Kate loves them! She’s been photographed no fewer than four times in these Oscar de la Renta Platinum Lamé Cabrina Pumps. She rocked them a few times in 2017, then brought them out again in 2018 at a royal dinner in Oslo, Norway. Who needs a new pair of shoes for every occasion when you have stunners like these in your closet? But we get it, because if we paid almost $700 for a pair of shoes, we’d bathe in them. You have to get your money’s worth! It’s hard enough to pick an outfit, probably harder when you have to match it to royal jewelry. But if you plan it around the shoes in your closet, you’re halfway done.

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