This Drunk Dudebro Does Not ‘Have The Cops In His Pocket’ Nor Is He A Lawyer

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Drunk Guy Gerry Shalam I hate the whole humiliation video trend when it comes to parents shaming their young kids on the Internet, but I’m all about average citizens posting videos of totally ridiculous, drunk and belligerent dudebros online so we can laugh at them. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present you with Gerry Shalam, a 20-year-old New York University student whose father does not own half of Manhattan. and who does not have the police in his pocket, and is not really BFFs with mayor Bill DeBlasio. He is also not a fucking lawyer.

He is actually a 20-year-old who attends NYU and his dad is garment industry executive. I’m pretty sure his parents are not too happy with him at present. I mean, it’s hard to feel bad for the kid because seeing some dude totally trashed and waving around a plastic Dunkin Donuts bag first thing in the morning while he yammers about how important he is doesn’t lead itself to a while lot of sympathy. Plus, he doesn’t rush off to help his other drunk friend who basically collapses on the sidewalk and instead keeps yelling at the guy filming him.

For those of you who can’t view videos while at work, he yells things like:


“Tell me it’s your property and I’m gonna call the cops. Cause you think I don’t own the cops?”

“Do you want me to call fucking Bill de Blasio on you right now? He’s a fucking liberal but I’ll fucking call him.”


As much as I think Gerry is a jerk, I also think thje guy filming him is pretty creepy too. I mean, he can tell these kids are totally trashed, maybe he should just offer them help or something. I guess the most important lesson we can glean from all of this is that we need to remind our kids that if they are trashed on the streets and waving around a plastic bag and someone starts filming them, to walk away rather than start a confrontation. That would never be interesting enough to put on the Internets.

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