If You Drive Drunk With Your Kids In The Car, You Deserve To Lose Them Forever

stop drunk drivingFlorida Connecticut mom Michelle Dion was arrested this week after a quick thinking McDonald’s employee reported her to police for being “extremely drunk” in the drive-thru with her toddler daughter in the back seat. The amount of class in that last sentence is just staggering, isn’t it? But all jokes aside, if you’re the type of parent who even considers getting into a car with your kids when you’re drunk, I am perfectly fine with going full sanctimommy on you. And if you drink drunk with your kids, I think you absolutely deserve to lose custody of them. For good.

According to NBC Connecticut, the 28-year-old mom drunkenly drove through the drive-thru at approximately 7:30 p.m. on Wednesday. So Dion already has “day drinking” and “being shit faced on a week night” marked off on her “Are You a Piece of Trash?” bingo card. (*Edited to add day drinking or week day drinking alone isn’t trashy, but when you add that to drunk driving plus drinking just out of rehab, it’s pretty awful* )An employee realized that the young mom was intoxicated and quickly called 911 to report her. From NBC:

Police identified the woman as Michelle Dion, 28, of Springfield, Massachusetts, and said she was ”extremely intoxicated.”

She told officers she’d had two glasses of wine earlier in the day and had driven from Hammonasset State Park with her daughter to get food, according to the police report.

Dion failed several field sobriety tests, refused a Breathalyzer test and was slurring her words, according to police. When  asked to recite the alphabet, she stopped at “v.”

HA! The old “I only had two drinks” line. News flash: this bullshit never works.

Thankfully the baby had no injuries, but who knows what might have happened had that McDonald’s employee not cared enough to make that call. According to NBC Dion has been sent to a rehabilitation facility, but considering she just left another rehab last week, I don’t think bodes well for mother or child. And I don’t think that baby should have to deal with the ramifications of her mother’s obvious disease.

Full disclosure, I come from a family of alcoholics, and being driven around by boozy adults is a common memory from my childhood. Thankfully I was never in an accident, but thousands of people, hundreds of them children, are killed in drunk driving accidents every year. And the funny thing about addiction is that relapses are a common part of recovery. They are expected. And along with a relapse comes all that bad behavior that one partakes in while drunk. Which unfortunately often includes drunk driving for.

I’m not saying all alcoholics should lose their kids. Not every alcoholic drives drunk, and not every drunk driver drives with their kids in the car. But from personal experience I’ve seen that when you do drink drunk, you tend to repeat this behavior, and that’s not a habit kids should be dying over.

(Photo: Filipe Frazao/Shutterstock)

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