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Mom Of Three Busted For Drunk Driving Had Her Pockets Filled With Jello Shots

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Drunk Driving Mom Had Jello Shots In PocketsI’m a HUGE fan of alcohol. As much as I’m a huge fan of alcohol, I’m a huge practitioner of never, ever driving after I have consumed alcohol. I won’t even look at a photograph of a car after I have had a drink. Drunk driving is stupid and awful and extremely dangerous and if there is one thing I can get all sanctimommy-d up about, it’s drunk driving. Which brings us to the case of Cathy Sanchez, a 28-year-old mother of three who was recently busted in Minnesota for failing a series of sobriety tests and registered a .136 blood alcohol content during a Breathalyzer test, when cops noticed her driving erratically down highway  10 at two in the morning and pulled her over. From our friends at The Smoking Gun:

In a search incident to her arrest, an investigator noted in a probable cause statement, an officer “located three alcohol Jello-shots in the female’s pockets.” For her part, Sanchez–who initially gave cops a fake name–told officers that she had previously been busted five times for drunk driving.

A subsequent police check revealed three DWI convictions and a concealed weapons conviction. Her license had also been cancelled as “inimical to public safety.”

So not only has Sanchez been busted FIVE previous times for drunk driving, when officers busted her this time her pockets were stuffed with Jello shots. Sanchez was charged in a four-count criminal complaint that includes a pair of felony charges that each carry a maximum of seven years in prison. She is currently locked up in the Clay County jail, where bond was set at $20,000.

Now, as you can probably guess, I’m sitting here thinking about this story, and yes, it is horrible and sad and awful and I’m very happy she didn’t kill anyone and I hope she gets the help she needs and is never allowed to drive again, but come on. JELLO SHOTS IN YOUR POCKETS WHO DOES THIS?

I’m trying to hard to wrap my mind around the logic of shoving jello shots in one’s pockets and then going out driving.

Or even not driving. Who thinks the pockets is where my Jello goes? I guess the only PSA I can give you about this is people, do not drink and drive and do not put jello shots in your pants.

(Photo: Clay County Jail)