Your Inability To Have A Meaningful Drug Conversation With Your Kids Is Making Drug Sniffing Dogs Rich

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Parents who are concerned that little Suzie or Billy is running with a rough crowd and perhaps spending too much time behind the gymnasium reportedly have a new parenting “tool” at their disposal. Provided that you have a few hundred dollars in that piggy bank, you can pay a special dog to go rooting through your house for you.

 TODAY reports on what is hopefully not a new “trend” among mothers and fathers who smell pot and yell “crack!” instead. “Some concerned parents,” according to the outlet, hire dogs like Roxie — a gorgeous canine who used to work in the military — to do a thorough sniff out:

“I was very worried that my daughter was hanging around with kids that were doing drugs,” one Houston mother said in a report that aired on TODAY on Monday. Ava, who didn’t want her last name used, hired a private company to bring Roxie…Ava was worried about what Roxie might find. “Oh, I was very nervous that she was going to find drugs in the garage,” she said. The dog with the super-sensitive nose did indeed find marijuana in the garage, a discovery that was difficult for Ava and her daughter.

“She was upset that I invaded her privacy,” Ava said.

But all is well that ends well apparently, this Houston mother attests that Roxie “helped turn her daughter’s life around.” While I’m certain anomalous situations like Ava’s can prove to be beneficial, generally, I’m going to go ahead and agree with the sentiments of child psychologist Jeffrey Gardere:

“Looking for the drugs with a dog, I think, is an overkill,” Gardere said on TODAY. “What it comes down to is having a relationship, and I don’t know if you can do that if you’re bringing in drug-sniffing dogs.”

Which means that no matter how many times you pay between $200 to $500 for a search, no drug sniffing dog isn’t going to instill a communicative relationship with your kid over delicate issues — particularly ones regarding transgression. If anything, some kids just getter better at hiding them from you.

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