Soon-To-Be Mom Celebrates Her Pregnancy With Wine, Percocets, And A Fatal Joy Ride That Kills College Student

drinking while pregnant It seems that baby showers come in all shapes and sizes nowadays. While some opt for the 200-person brawl that consequently ends in four arrests, others are content to just do a hip sonogram viewing. But when 27-year-old Teisha Yovonne Randle of Minnesota learned that she was expecting, she reportedly went to grab a celebratory drink (or several) with friends. And somewhere in there, she got a little too carried away and killed a poor college kid walking through an intersection. reports that Teisha has plead guilty to two counts of criminal vehicular homicide upon killing 20-year-old Augsburg College student, Austin Conley.

Teisha, who was studying to become a pharmacy technician prior to Austin’s death, says that she began the evening at a friend’s house to raise a glass to being knocked up. But conflicting reports suggest that a glass of wine was only the beginning:

On the night she killed Conley, she had been partying at a friend’s house and the Imperial Club in Minneapolis. She told Moreno she’d had a glass of wine at the friend’s house because a friend was celebrating a birthday and Randle was celebrating her pregnancy. Randle claimed that the wine was the only alcohol she’d consumed that night.

But witnesses said she drank at the house from a bottle of peach-flavored Ciroc vodka she brought. At the Imperial Club, witnesses later told investigators, she mixed at least one drink for herself from a bottle of Grey Goose vodka she’d chipped in to buy for her table.

Randle had also taken some strong medicine that night. She has admitted to taking at least four tablets of Percocet, a painkiller a doctor had prescribed her for migraines. And she also had taken some Robitussin with codeine for a cough.

The expecting mother was already driving on a revoked license after pleading guilty to driving while impaired back in 2006. After being placed on a one year probation, she reportedly violated a court-mandated order to visit a Mothers Against Drunk Driving “victim-impact panel.” She also failed to pay a fine.

Teisha’s lawyer, Carolina Lamas, maintains that Teisha deeply regrets what she has done — so much so that she consequently terminated the pregnancy that she was celebrating:

“She feels she can’t bring a life into this world knowing she’s taken one,” Lamas said.

Teisha could receive up to four years in jail for recklessly killing someone else’s child.

(photo: Irina1977 / Shutterstock)

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