Drinking Soda or Energy Drinks Can Affect Your Ability to Conceive

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A new study, led by Boston University School of Public Health, has discovered a link between sugary beverages and fertility. The study found that drinking soda may affect fertility in women and men. The study also found that energy drinks affected fertility at an even greater rate. So if you’re trying to conceive, you may want to opt for water and pass on that Coke.

The study showed that drinking soda may affect fertility in men and women. In fact, even one soda or energy drink a day decreased the odds of conceiving.

The study’s lead author, Elizabeth Hatch, said, “We found positive associations between intake of sugar-sweetened beverages and lower fertility, which were consistent after controlling for many other factors, including obesity, caffeine intake, alcohol, smoking and overall diet quality.” The amount of sugar that Americans consume has increased over the last 50 years. We’re all aware of the dangers of a high-sugar diet; turns out, sugar-sweetened beverages like soda and energy drinks account for ONE THIRD of the added sugar Americans consume every year!

We all know that a high-sugar diet has been linked to weight gain, type 2 diabetes, early puberty and menstruation in females, and poor semen quality in males. But not much research has been done on the link between sugar and fertility. Which is why this particular study is so important. And the results aren’t necessarily surprising.

Researchers studied around 4,000 women between the ages of 21 – 45, and about 1,000 males in the same age range. They looked at medical histories, lifestyles, and diet.

The study found that women who drank at least one soda a day had a 25% lower chance of getting pregnant. 25%! For males, the decrease was even higher. Men who drank at least one soda a day saw a 33% reduction in fertility. Energy drinks lowered fertility even more dramatically. However, those results were based on a smaller group of consumers. Interestingly, the study found no link between juices or diet sodas and fertility.

Given what we know about the impact sugar has on our diets and health, the results of this study have very important implications. Researchers suggest laying off the sugary beverages if you’re trying to conceive. And really, it’s probably a good idea to cut them out completely.

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