Drew Barrymore’s Wedding Weekend Looks Like A Romantic Comedy — Complete With Famous Cast

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nyc spring ballet 100512Mommy-to-be Drew Barrymore wedded Will Kopelman over the weekend, and aside from the obligatory shots of her dress, press coverage for the event looks like stills from a romantic comedy. What with guests Scarlett Johansson lying around in a bikini along side with Busy Philipps and Cameron Diaz accompanying the bride to her final fittings, my only question is who is playing which role?

In what could easily pass as a sequel to Bridesmaids, Drew’s childless pals caught up in a very girls weekend kind of way before her garden party-style wedding — occasionally with the bride. And considering that her baby is due later this year, perhaps some scheduled time with her child-free friends was the best parenting decision she has made yet.

To round out the ensemble cast, pregnant leading lady Reese Witherspoon even doled out her wedding planner‘s name to design the “private” and “quiet” event. Jimmy Fallon made the guest list too, maybe to be cast as the quirky younger brother/groomsman?

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