Sorry Hollywood, Drew Barrymore Isn’t Buying Into Your ‘Post-Baby Body’ Nonsense

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Drew BarrymoreWell, here’s one Hollywood starlet that you won’t see shilling for Weight Watchers anytime soon. Drew Barrymore doesn’t have any patience for the media’s post-baby body storyline. Ladies, here is the “baby weight” realism we’ve been waiting for.

In a recent interview, Drew spelled it out like this:

“My new motto is ‘Impossible expectations are impossible’. Look, with my luck I will starve myself, work out and then the next day get hit by a bus – and think, ‘Why did I waste my time doing that?’”

I think we should all write, “Impossible expectations are impossible” on our mirrors in lipstick. Most of us could use the reminder. Just in case this wasn’t a clear enough message that we’ll have no “Back into my skinny jeans!” tweets from this actress, there’s more.

“I think I gained an extra five pounds the last week because I was so late and like, ‘Forget it! All bets are off. I’ll have two cheeseburgers.’ I’m the last person anyone should look to for workout tips. I don’t have them. I don’t care.”

It’s official. I forgive Drew from the “Here’s My Baby” People Magazine cover. Anyone this dismissive of the unhealthy body image expectations leveled at new moms has earned my eternal love and devotion.

Nowadays, celebrity new moms can’t leave the house to buy groceries or grab coffee without tabloids claiming that they’re “showing off their post-baby slim down.” We have women like Jessica Simpson signing weight loss representative deals before they’ve even had a baby. We have every model under the sun stripping down for a, “Look, I’m still sexy!” nude photo shoot as quickly as possible after giving birth.

We’re a culture obsessed with baby weight. Hearing a down-to-earth mom like Drew refusing to buy into that societal pressure is just so refreshing. It’s earned her a spot on Mommyish’s favorite celebrity moms of 2012 list. Well, if we made such a list, she would definitely be featured! We’ll choose cheeseburgers with Drew over diet shakes with Jessica any day.

(Photo: Mr. Blue/WENN)