Drew Barrymore’s Honeymoon Is More Like A Babymoon

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Drew BarrymoreDrew Barrymore‘s pregnancy was hardly a secret during her seemingly celebrity-casted wedding. The soon-to-be mother’s tummy was proudly cradled at the summer ceremony — Chanel wedding dress and all. But now that the metaphoric cake has been cut, Drew and her new husband Will Kopelman are off enjoying a California honeymoon — or should I say babymoon?

As Drew and Will are photographed holding hands at the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, the couple appears more like a babymooning couple than necessarily a honeymooning one. Granted, a baby bump will do that — and if the only difference between a honeymoon and a babymoon is a tummy, then plenty of newlywed couples who walk down the aisle before the birth could consider their post-nuptial trips squarely in the babymooning category.

But considering that the couple is fusing their post-wedding vacation with a pregnancy, and thereby denying companies the opportunity to sell them yet another plane ticket or spa vacation, perhaps the term “babymoon” isn’t entirely applicable.

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