5 Reasons It Sucks To Have A December Birthday

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sad birthdayWhen I found out I was pregnant, I learned my due date was March 3rd and I thought to myself that it was a great time for a birthday because not much happens in early March. Then preterm labor hit when I was at 27 weeks, just after Thanksgiving. Once we were out of the woods and I was sentenced to bed rest I focused a lot of my energy on keeping my boys in my belly, not just because I wanted them to bake a lot longer before coming out, but also because I wanted to spare them the indignities of having a December birthday like their mother. I got lucky- the boys were born smack dab in the middle of January, so unlike me, they won’t grow up knowing all the reasons it sucks to have a December birthday.

1. Winter weather is fickle.

Spare me your odes to Elsa and the Frozen universe, there is nothing cool about snow when it causes you to cancelled your birthday party. My 6th grade birthday party was going to be off the hook. My parents had promised to stay in the other room, I had the new Boys II Men and TLC CDs for guests to dance to, and my crush was coming. Cue epic blizzard and my tiny tween heart being shattered. For anyone lucky enough to be born in any of the other eleven months besides December, I’m sure you’re wondering why my parents didn’t just reschedule my party, which brings me to…

2. Holiday parties and errands make it hard for people to find time to celebrate with you.

Even if the weather does cooperate enough to grant you a party, December is a short month filled with office parties, family gatherings, book club cookie swaps, school holiday craft fairs and gift shopping- all in addition to the usual stuff people have going on in their lives. Trying to coordinate having grandparents and cousins over for cake in the middle of the busy holiday season is tough enough, let alone having a party with all your friends, which is why many years, it just didn’t happen.

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