Just In Time For Father’s Day Dove’s #RealDadMoments Will Wreck Your Mascara

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I sort of hate hate hate Father’s Day. Well, I like it, because I like having a day to celebrate my husband, but it always makes me sad because my own father is dead and I miss him. And now those of you who feel the same way can have a huge hysterical sob fest at your computers thanks to Dove.


I know on occasion that Dove advertising can be seen as a bit treacley and manipulative, but they get it so right sometimes dammit! And even my cold, black heart is touched by all of these “real dad moments” because I saw them happen growing up and I see them daily with my own husband and all of our kids. We love dads. We love our dads and our partners who made us moms and our dad readers and all the awesome dad bloggers who contribute to Mommyish and to all the great, awesome, smart, funny, decent, dads out there, thank you for being you. And now I want to go buy all the Dove soap! #Buyallthesoap!

I’m going to cry some more now unless some of you want to cry with me, in which case we should probably go fetch some blankies and ice cream.

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