Things I Never Thought I’d Say: Watch This Awesome ‘Dora The Explorer’ Video

Dora the Explorer is possibly the most obnoxious children’s television show of all time. Any time we make the mistake of letting our daughter watch this program, my husband can found muttering in the other room, “I don’t wanna say map!” I’m normally sitting with my daughter, gritting my teeth and praying the torture will end quickly.

That’s why I’m completely amazed that College Humor and Ariel Winter (from Modern Family) were able to create a Dora The Explorer movie that I would actually want to see.

I just have one question: why can’t this be real? Somehow, Ariel Winter managed to make the most obnoxious children’s character of all time completely awesome. Please, can we make this into a real movie?

The spoof is absolutely perfect, in a way that only a mom whose had to watch dozens of episodes of this horrible program can understand. Oh how I wish the real show were half as entertaining as this fake preview.

(Photo: WENN)

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