After A Long Winter, Easter Is Finally Here So Don’t Judge Me For Buying Stuff For My Kids”


After six months of freezing temperatures and being trapped indoors, Easter represents something more than a basket full of candy. We are not religious but I do enjoy going crazy for this holiday because it comes on the heels of surviving a typically miserable Northeastern winter. It cheers me up to buy spring toys and clothes after months of hibernating. I know some parents think it’s silly to load up that basket but it’s a fun sign of spring so I say, go nuts.

As a kid, I can remember opening my Easter basket and getting all kinds of fun summer items. Sunglasses, bathing suits, flip-flops, bubbles, hula hoops and jump ropes. They were things my parents would probably have bought me regardless, so my mom just turned them into part of our Easter gifts. I guess that’s where I got the idea for my own kids. Where I live, winter lasts for what feels like eternity. When the shelves are finally full of summer toys and clothes, I find it hard to resist buying them because they mean spring might come and I can stop being cold and miserable.

I’ve seen parents rant on Facebook and in life about how “commercial” Easter has become, and I suppose it has. I could also argue that this time of year is one where a lot of kids “need” certain things anyway, like a replacement bike for the one they outgrew last summer or a new soccer ball for the one that Daddy blew up with the lawnmower at the end of the season. It’s also been four months since Christmas and if you are like me and don’t buy much for your kids outside of birthdays and holidays, it can feel high time to do something fun for them.

Easter becoming a bigger gift-giving holiday is not necessarily a troublesome trend.  For some, it could be seen as more spoiling but for others, it’s just excitement for the arrival of spring and a convenient excuse to buy certain seasonal items. I won’t go posting their “haul” on Facebook because that’s awful, but I will happily pick up some fun spring and summer gifts for my kids’ Easter baskets to herald the coming of better weather and outside fun. If someone wants to say I’m going nutty, let them.

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