16 Ways To Not Be A Worthless Dad On Your First Day Home With A New Baby

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Avoid the potholes, every pot hole, and also drive very slowly but get your family home ASAP.

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Now is not the time for new routes home. You are to make sure that the road is smooth, free of bumps, and with as few stops and turns as possible. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT make unplanned or unexpected stops. Unless of course your partner requests food or medicine or a milkshake. In which case, you will make that stop, you will run that errand, and you will be back in the car in record time! Traffic? You better fire up that Waze app and get around it, pronto. That baby could start crying at any time, and you don’t want to be trapped in a car with a crying newborn and a postpartum woman. Trust us.

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