16 Ways To Not Be A Worthless Dad On Your First Day Home With A New Baby

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Finally, the most important part of Project Don’t Be A Worthless Dad on that first day: relax and take it all in.


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Dude, your life has changed completely. You are a dad now! While the first day isn’t indicative of what everyday will be like, it’ll give you a pretty good idea. Let yourself feel all those emotions. Laugh, cry, laugh some more. Try to remember the little details of that day, like how tiny the baby looked in that crib that you thought was going to be too big, or how all the smallest baby clothes hang off their little feets. Study your baby’s face, because we have some bad news: it’ll be different the next day, and the day after that.

You may feel overwhelmed that first day, and that’s fine. That’s normal. But you’re going to do great. All joking aside, you’re going to be an amazing dad.

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