#SignsYoSonIsGay Rears Its Ugly Head In Response To DOMA So Let’s All Laugh At Homophobia

Just in case you were riding too high on that DOMA ruling, #SignsYoSonIsGay is back. It seems that every win for LGBTQ individuals and families, rampant homophobia is not too far behind. The first time we met with the slightly different hashtag #SignsYourSonMightBeGay, which was also trending on Twitter, we were delighted with the oh so LOL-able hints that Twilight and attention to style might be reason to attend your local PFLAG chapter. Well, once again, we’re treated to the lovely gems of Twitter, giving us the much needed 411 on our children’s sexuality.

Despite that “gay hunting” is innately homophobic in it of itself, these laughable pearls of Internet also reveal the array of stereotypes not only adults — but children — are confronting when they leave your loving home. From the classroom to the seemingly innocent playdate, these playful elbow nudges endanger not only queer children, but any kid who doesn’t fall in line with this nonsense. Regardless of your child’s orientation, your pastel-loving son who enjoys suckers is up for highly trending homophobic Twitter fodder.


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