Mommyish Gift Guide: The Top 10 Dollhouses That Could Possibly Put Your Own House To Shame

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Dollhouses are without a doubt the stuff that some childhood memories are made of — especially this time of year. Parents looking to go big this holiday season need look no further than a Victorian replica, a modernist mini home, or a Colonial style dollhouse. There’s a dolly home for whatever you or your child’s aesthetic sensibility may be.

And, my, what choices to choose from. Some of these “mansions,” “cottages,” and “farm houses” are a lot fancier than what many fully grown adults live in — whether we’re talking those wrap around porches, French doors, or just, you know, elevators. From modern to classic, from Colonial to Victorian, there’s enough to incite your envy and make you almost wish that you were the dolly getting to move into these walls. (Except for when your kid takes a scissors to the doll’s hair every now and again.)

Between design, mobility, accessibility, or practicality, all these houses have their strong points depending on what your own dollhouse criteria is. But considering that your child is probably not trying to raise a live family in there or anything, I say you can let “practicality” slip a few rungs.

(Assembly required for many so be prepared to break out your tool kit)

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