Dog Owner Loses Pug, Winds Up With Too Many Pugs

Dogs are too good for this world. They’re too pure. We don’t deserve them. We especially don’t deserve pugs, because everything a pug does is adorable and hilarious. If a pug destroyed the Mona Lisa, we’d all kind of be like: “Awwwww! Oh wait, that’s awful. But awww.”

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This week two Australian dudes had the worst and then the best week ever, because they lost their darling pug dog, but then somehow wound up with too many pug dogs.

According to Buzzfeed, Luke and James Neville have an adorable and chubby little pug named Bella. They were both devastated when she accidentally snuck out the door while they were having breakfast and went missing over the weekend. They searched all day, and posted photos on Facebook and sent word to friends and family that Bella was missing and everyone should look for her and bring her back if she was found.

Then Luke got home and was overjoyed to find a friendly, smooshed-face little monster had been delivered to him. The only problem is that it wasn’t Bella, it was a completely different pug.

One of their friends had seen a sign for a found pug and knew that the guys had lost Bella, so she ran over and picked up the pug and brought it to their house.

“Win a pug, lose a pug,” Luke wrote.

When they inevitably make a movie of this story, this needs to happen two or three more times. One of the pugs needs to deliver puppies. “Good-looking Australian dudes wind up with too many pugs,” is a story that sells itself, but we really need to up the stakes. We’re going to need at least five or six pugs to really get the audience engaged.

Neville named the new pug Not-Bella, and she promptly made herself at home, lounging on the couch and eating Bella’s snacks and cuddling with Bella’s owners. It was pretty sweet, except that Neville was like, “Who is this dog?!”

The next day, the real Bella appeared safe and sound at the local pound and was retrieved, just in time to meet Not-Bella. But then they managed to find Not-Bella’s distraught owner–who was also combing the area pounds looking for a lost pug–and everyone wound up with the right number of pugs.

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