Does This Industrial-style Kids’ Room Ruin Childhood?

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Once you become a parent, you realize that some of your ideas about what parenthood would be like were way off. Some day, the person who designed this Pottery Barn Kids industrial-style room will do the same. A real child in this actual room would be in the emergency room the first day, after he stumbled headlong into the sharp metal corner of the “foundry metal cubby system.” Or therapy, since his parents imposed so much of their style on him.

Yes, it looks fantastic. And I want that chair. But something just shouts “Allow us to steal your childhood prematurely” or something.

It’s just like children’s fashion. There is a time to wear heels and that time is not infancy. Fashion shouldn’t be about making little children look just like adults and their rooms do not need to look like sleek factories. I’m officially over this look, with its industrial cart platform beds and weathered grey prison linens. Enough.