Amazing Doctors Reattached This Toddler’s Head After He Was Internally Decapitated

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toddler-decapitated-surgery-photoSchools should really be spending a lot more time emphasizing how awesome science is. Because science is absolutely amazing, and every bit as creative and engaging as the arts. In a feat of superscience that sounds like something out of a Marvel movie, some doctors in Australia actually reattached a toddler’s head after he was internally decapitated in a car accident last month.

According to Australia News 7, 16-month-old Jaxon Taylor was in a car with his mother and sister last month when they collided head-on with another car at about 70 mph. (This is giving me palpitations just to write about.) The force of the collision was so strong that Jaxon’s neck was broken by the impact. Doctors describe his injury as an “internal decapitation.”

“The second I pulled him out, I knew that he — I knew that his neck was broken,” his mother said.

Jaxon was extraordinarily lucky to even survive the accident, and an injury like that would normally mean that even someone who survived would probably never walk or breathe on his own again. But Jaxon was airlifted to spinal surgeon Geoff Askin at a hospital in Brisbane, who in a feat of absolute genius used a piece of Jaxon’s rib to graft the severed vertebrae back together.

The six-hour operation was reportedly a success. Jaxon has to wear a metal neck brace that his family is calling a “halo” for several months while the bones, muscles, and nerves heal, but his doctors expect him to make a full recovery and to live a normal life once the brace is removed.

Science is officially the coolest damn thing in the whole world. I want to buy a round for Dr. Askin and everyone else at that hospital, because this was amazing. Those doctors and nurses should never have to buy their own drinks again.

The car that crashed into Jaxon’s family was being driven by an 18-year-old man who will reportedly be facing multiple charges, including dangerous and negligent driving.

You can see Jaxon and his family here on Australia News 7:

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(Photo: Australia News 7)