Doctor Says ‘Prayer’ Led Her To Refuse Treatment Of Infant With 2 Moms

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I understand pediatricians have a right to refuse to treat certain patients, and I fully support that when it protects children from harm or keeps them from getting sick, such as it is with the current measles outbreak. This is nothing like that.

This is actually the opposite of protecting a child from harm. When you refuse to see a newborn because you disagree with her parents’ lifestyle and then leave two devoted moms scrambling to find a new pediatrician with a six-day-old in tow, that is absolutely harming a child. It’s harming that child’s whole family. Roi’s decision basically amounts to discriminating against a baby on the basis of her parents’ sexual orientation and that is unconscionable.

The American Medical Association issued a statement in support of “diversity, awareness and cultural sensitivity in the medical profession” but it comes too little and too late for the Contreras family, who argue correctly that anti-discrimination laws need to be amended to include discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. The Contreras family is no different from any other family. They are two loving parents with an infant. There is no excuse for treating them otherwise.

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