8 Disturbing Mickey Mouse Fails That Will Hurt Your Eyes

It’s Mickey Mouse‘s birthday today! The iconic rodent is 86 years old, and he’s still an undeniable force in every human’s childhood. The dude is unavoidable (try getting this out of your head), which means many people have tried to send him up in various forms. The result – lots of WTF Disney fails we’ve collected for you, that will surely traumatize you into never going back to the Magic Kingdom. Warning: a lot of what you’re about to see is NSFW. Sorry, Walt.

1. This cake fail

mickey mouse cake 1

Let’s start with something that’s hard on the eyes but easy on the stomach. This may be ugly but it’s surely edible, right? I call dibs on an ear.


2. A skinless Mickey Mouse


To the artist who thought this was a good idea, we kindly say NOPE, and thank you for destroying our childhood.


3. Mickey Mouse with a huge porn-star dick


Dear god, our eyes. We are pouring dish soap in them right now. CANNOT UNSEE.


4.  This penis in Minnie Mouse’s dress




5. These women and their Mickey Mouse boobs 

030403 075

Thanks for the MAMMARIES, Mickey! (Sorry. It was too easy.)


6. This horrifying Marilyn Monroe doll


Goodbye Norma Jean, we’re sorry someone thought it was a good idea to turn you into a plastic doll with mouseke-boobs.


7. This Mickey Mouse boob grab


The X-rated version of a Mouseketeer.


8. Yet another cake fail


Because creating a mouse-head cake in a pan is hard and not something anyone should try to do.


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